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I'm sure many of us remember our beloved Windows XP.  When Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, we all thought that MS finally figured out how to make a stable/reliable OS and we all knew how to use that OS well.

Before we all knew it, XP was end-of-life and we were all struggling to get clients/employers to upgrade.  Many of them, of course, didn't care.  XP works fine!  Why change a good thing!

Today, Windows 7 is the new XP.  And Windows 7 is almost out of support.  

* How much Windows 7 is still out there?
* How much resistance are you seeing to upgrading?
* Is that resistance, if any, as bad as the XP days?
* How does the reliability/stability of Windows 10 compare to Windows 7 SP1 or Windows XP SP3?

Bonus question:  How much Windows XP/Server 2003 is left out there?


I miss Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4.

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here's from my practice:

  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 out there: Lots.
  • If you can offer a valid path to the upgrade (valid as in "the on site folks actually see that it will work") then the resistance is WAY less than upgrading XP to 7.
  • I do see support extensions being bought for at least one further year.
  • Some folks still have that one critical 16-Bit application they just can not let go of. Those, of course, are f**ed.
  • If you do not load too much legacy stuff on Windows 10, and your client hardware is Win 10 certified, I would place its reliability/stability on par with 7 or XPSP3. But manageability still kind of sucks if you don't have SCCM *and* decent user environment mgmt in place.
  • Funny nobody's talking about 8.1 ;-)

Re bonus Q:
  • XP, I haven't seen in a while except for ATMs and digital signage like railroad timetable boards
  • Server 2003 is still out there, mostly half-assedly isolated in what is called "islands" but really isn't one. Legacy apps nobody is prepared or willing to touch. In some instances, legacy hardware like interface cards to production machinery. The vendor has long gone out of business in most instances I've seen personally.

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