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Still Checking the Forum Out
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Hi all. Long time away, returner to MR&D!

I have a W10 box, which upgraded as usual way from Microsoft from W7 Pro install. So not a clean W10 install. I have only just started to need to print again (and have purchased a WiFi enabled HP printer), so I can't say for sure when printing problems came, but my new HP printer did print out some test pages when I first installed it as far as I can remember.

Now though basically nothing prints a hard copy - zippo, but nor does Microsoft PDF printer either. A test page print from that comes up as an error. Strangely Foxit PDF printer does print.

I know the printer prints ok over Wifi as I can print to it via Wifi direct on Android. So, what components, services and the whole caboodle needs to be installed and running for printing to work? I have turned off some services since install that I read were not needed, but print spooler is running of course.

As usual the MS printing problem wizard helpfully tells me that it can't find a problem!

Any help appreciated,


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I don't remember if it were HP or not but some wireless printers required that it first be setup as a wired printer.  I couldn't believe it when I read it but it worked.
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