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I discovered the secret for allowing this remote management and that was a group policy setting.  I had allow remote administration set to yes but needed to set file and printer sharing.  This is in the windows firewall domain settings but I have 3rd party installed everywhere.  Anyway, that problem is corrected.

I ran the DNS debug logs for an hour, imported it into an excel table and filtered for skeegleapp.  it seems that every entry I have in the blocked sites sends out a DNS request every 3 - 5 minutes, just the could not be verified and so it generated the errors.  The client that had the entry was only one entry and it turned out the person found a google link and it tried to load  I believe I'm good now at least until I can find out why the Cisco ASA5505 keeps going out and verifying DNS for sites that are in a blocked list.

Appreciate all the input from here...  Glad Mark put the site back up.

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I'm glad that you found the basic answer, to the mystery.  I did a quick search on the Cisco DNS requests.  One of the sites said something about ACLs.  I hope that helps.
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