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A question surely to be asked by many?

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You will recall that it was built atop Snitz, an ancient classic ASP forum that sported (1) a SQL back-end and (2) more freeform text fields than you could shake several sticks at.

Thus, it was just a matter of time before someone wrote a "blow it up" hack, which occurred in early November 2014.  A couple of days' time in mid-November poring over IIS logs showed that it was (fortunately) just vandalism, as the MDFs/LDFs were not downloaded.  However, as Snitz had existed beyond its proper time, it would have been criminal to set it back up.   

Our backups were built atop Windows Server Backup, which turns out to be a mite lame for recovering things from. (But not impossible, which is why I am taking valuable time from my packing and pre-moving duties to attempt to recover the forum databases.  (Mr. Summerlin is providing no small amount of assistance.)  We're trying to recover the MDF/LDF/NDF files from the forum on 26 October 2014 because that seems to be a pre-attack date.

James will then cook up some code to turn every thread in the old forum into a static HTML page which he will then create a table of contents (or tables of contents, it remains to be seen) and the whole thing can be easily hosted either on my site, some free Azure web site -- no need for HTTPS or fancy programming, so it may well be free -- with every page suggesting that if you'd like to continue the conversation then trot on over here.

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