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Michael Pietrzak

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Hi folks,

We are working on our Exchange 2003 to Office 365 migration and I am using a cool little tool from Lipide Software (Indian company) named "Exchange Migration Tool".

It's very feature rich but alas I am hitting road blocks because I do not have actual access to the O365 admin console and everyone who does is very very green with the product.

The tool can suck the email from my Exchange server and deposit it into O365 via MAPI. (which is why I guess the tool needs Outlook installed).

Anways, I can perform the migration on my account and we wanted to test my access to other user accounts so I could do the migration off hours etc.

The admin over there said he ran the PS command...

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity -User -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

But despite this, I still cannot "reach into" his account to migrate the mail.

The documentation for the utility says I need Global Administrator rights on the mailboxes.

I am not sure the campus department running our O365 implementation will give me that.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can reach into another users account (via MAPI I would guess) in order to suck the email from my Exchange server into O365?

I see there is an Exchange Administrator. Wonder if that would work?

Michael Pietrzak


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2003 has different permissions.
Exchange Administrator, unless its been edited won't have the permissions by default.
The follow are my notes for exmerge, similar permissions probably needed.
So change exmergeuser to your admin account name and try.

1. Create a new group called "Exmerge Admins"
2. Grant the group "Exchange view only admistrator" access using the exchange management console
3. Add the group to the information store with full permissions 
4. Create a user called "exmergeuser"
5. Add the user to the "BuiltIn\Administrators" (Not Domain Administrators) group and the "Exmerge Access" group you created earlier
6. Log onto the server as this user and run exmerge

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