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We've inherited an o365 tenant where the mail has now been moved to a different Exchange org so all that's left are some sharepoint workflows and the tenant is tied to the org's old AD.

We are considering removing the otherwise useless AD from the picture altogether and running the tenant as pure cloud - is this even possible?  Of course certain AD groups are used for permissions within sharepoint.  If you disable sync in o365, will it simply convert the AD users and groups to cloud users and groups?  I fear it won't be that nice and clean...
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It should, if you kill the Synchronization from within Azure the objects (Users and Groups) do not get deleted.

More to the point, if the Sharepoint is part of the Azure / Office 365 (Not on prem) it relies upon those objects.  It doesn't care or know if they are Synchronized or Cloud only.

The only concern would be if the Workflows are sending email notifications but if the Exchange data has been moved to another location that should have already been resolved a long time ago.

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