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OK, it can a bit of a task to get SSRS reports for CRM 2016 on premise version going.

But when you get an typical connection error when opening a CRM report from the SSRS server your first inclination is to check SSRS running on the report server.

In the App log of the CRM application server it shows a SoapException along with the notice that an internal error occurred on the report server.

So that's my first stop.   But no problems there.   Then I next checked the services, restarted a few of the CRM services, but no fix there.

Then I decided to republish the reports in CRM.   There is a nice little tool in the CRM directory. If you installed CRM on the C drive, (I sometimes install it on a larger drive on the server) find your way to
C:\program files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM \Tools.

If you run the deployment manager you can get the exact name of the CRM organization name.   If you are looking at the SQL databases you will see a file called MSCRM_(DatabaseName), so you can see the name of your CRM organization that way as well.  
Open a command prompt to that location and run  publishreports "(organization name").
You will see all the reports being recreated in the SSRS server. 

This worked for me.  I checked the stock reports and the ones that I created in SSRS using FetchXML and embedded data sources.

Curt Spanburgh
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