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Since SCCM is becoming a bigger part of updates, imaging, virus/malware control, and general client and server management maybe Mark can create a forum just for SCCM. Just a thought.


I had to learn some stuff on the fly for SCCM. I learned how to send Windows Updates from Software Update Groups (SUGs) created by others. SCCM is great...once you know a little of what you are doing. Going in knowing nothing a few months ago was scary and intimidating. But with a little testing and input from others I know how to schedule Windows Updates for the different groups of computers and servers I have in my environment. Again, using SUGs created by someone else that may not have everything I want to update.

I could use some training on the following:
How to create my own SUGs - include all of the Critical, Important, and Optional Windows Updates needed for my environment.
How to create SUGs to update third party items like Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Get to know a little of how to do it, test a few times, and create a checklist I can make SCCM a habit.

Greg Smith, MCTS
Information Technology Professional

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Welcome to the forum.

For the time being we intend to allow the forum organically grow and will add in sections as we need.

Tried to paste in the search, but that failed, so have a poke around here

I've done a few of them and I've always picked up a few tidbits.

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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