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Culture is an important part of a company.  Culture in a company is akin to a life style of a household.

It's an old and tired story.  In many companies, IT folks are often undervalued and overworked.  We get it.  But in the end, little things become big things. 
I was recently asked to review a Dynamics CRM system that was deployed about eight years ago and was way past it's life cycle.   Many of the customizations were generating errors.   So I was brought in.  IT did not know there was customizations on the system.  They were not around when the system was deployed.   I was going through the code and found that outside service providers apparently were not given access to authenticate to the SQL Server.  But someone gave the developers the sa account and password to access the database in their code.

I found the code for a connection string in the Java script code. They used the sa account and password in the code.  

Perhaps some readers were still in High School, when the "Code Red" security issue hit us all.  Allowing access to a SQL server via a web page is just wrong.

But, the poor new IT folks also should have been allowed to take an interest in what they had and be given the time to do a forensic.    When you see in the news of large organizations being compromised, remember that it is often things like this that can be the issue.  

Saying that your "not a developer" is no longer an option.  We have never been in a time of integrated technology like we have today.  It's true, that you can't "Swallow the ocean" of knowledge but still does not excuse a company from allowing their IT folks the time and resources needed to be aware of what exist in their systems.  Culture is important part of the company....... and some cultures disappear.


Curt Spanburgh
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