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Getting data into the cloud has produced products like Kingsway Soft, Cozyroc, and Scribe to name a few.

The web API was the contact point you used for the D365 instance (Which is AZURE based)

For instance, if you were connecting to a D365 instance for a SSRS report or SSIS package here is one of my trial instance We APIs.

If you were using Power BI to connect to a D365 instance you would use it as well.

 I think previous rate was 60000 per user in 5mins.

Some testers have found that API limits were cut from 60k/5mins to 4k/5mins

The following thread shows changes and possible fixes for "Retry" if an app reaches the limit.

This is not good news.

There are some very smart folks at Microsoft, so I see this as a temp fix so they can address some back story issues.    I did learn that cloud computing produces some very different issues from what we would encounter in a typical Client/Server world.   

If you manage a Client/Server world that is "Application server to SQL backend" then perhaps you have encountered more than a few of issues with that model so let's not be shooting at our friends at Microsoft.    There is no perfect software, so lets see how this gets resolved.

Curt Spanburgh
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