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Hacked Mark's Facebook Account
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... nope.  So let's see.... on this page, there is just one gold star, your last reply to me.
All others are dark gray.  

Sorry, still not getting it... perhaps overdosing on the small of magic marker labeling boxes? [smile]

May I ask that everyone please populate the first name and last name in your user account profile.  Thanks!

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All on desktop.
On the main forum screen with the different headings and sections.
A section with a new post has a gold star.
A section with unread replies has a dark grey star.
A section and all topics read white/ clear star.

Move into a section with topics, same applies
A new topic has a gold star.
A topic with unread replies has a dark grey star.
A topic with all replies read white/ clear star.

Within a topic there is a gold star for a new reply
A clear star for all Read.

Hope that's it.

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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