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Here's the situation: got an Exchange 2010 org migrated to Exchange 2013 in another trusted forest (by using DELL tools, not sure if it mattered, think actually not). In the source org, each mailbox had an "Archive" folder which was a subfolder of the Inbox. They drag stuff into that folder (and subfolders thereof which they create manually) and it gets archived by an agent that scans these folders on a regular basis. In the target org, the folders are there including their content, but the users are unable to drag and drop anything there.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that
  • drag & drop in OWA works
  • right mouse click --> Move... in Outlook works as well
  • it is apparently not a permissions issue.
After looking at the problematic folders in MFCMAPI I have actually found the culprit:
  • in the source (where the folders got created via EWS by simply instantiating a new subfolder, setting the DisplayName and saving) the MAPI property PR_CONTAINER_CLASS was missing where I would expect it to be present and set to IPF.Note
  • in the target the property was present but blank.
After correcting the value of PR_CONTAINER_CLASS everything started working as expected.

Hope this helps somebody who might encounter this behaviour.

Evgenij Smirnov

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