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Voon Wah

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Hi All,

I have a question about steadier state on the MS Window's patches and AntiVirus definitions, will it be revert too after the system roll back?

As currently my office environment enforcing to have the latest patches and AntiVirus definitions, so wonder will it be affected too?


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If by rollback you mean 'System Restore', (the default action for 'Steady State'), then yes patches and other applied downloads will be reverted.

One of the most important parts of 'System Restore' is to go to a setup that does not that newest patch or installed item.

If I am correct, 'Steady State' has a maintenance mode where logged in with Admin privileges you can apply patches and updates after testing, making them part of the new image.

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Basically, think of it this way.  When you set up a Steadier State system, your system remembers every single byte on your C: drive.  When you roll back, every single byte goes right back where it was, including the volume shadow-y things like System Restore.

Howard is right (welcome, Howard!) in that to update the "baseline C:" you boot it in maintenance mode, do whatever things you want to do, and essentially "re-seal" the C: partition.

I hope that helps!


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