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Oh, sorry, should have said... this is your work, please don't hesitate to offer it to the world.  I'd appreciate a small "inspired by" reference but it's not necessary. [smile] 

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Thanks Mark, I appreciate that. I just wanted to make sure you had a say and "right of refusal" had I said anything you disagreed with. This is as much your work as it is mine. I tried to give everyone credit that helped to make this what it has become, and your effort was truly the foundation that got it off the ground, allowing me to carry on.

BTW, a colleague of mine reviewed the zip file I sent you and had a few very constructive comments, which I have incorporated. There were no code changes, only changes to the docx and grub folder contents (I removed non essential files).

I'll be posting this to my account on github (

Thanks again.

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Excellent.  Thanks again.
May I ask that everyone please populate the first name and last name in your user account profile.  Thanks!
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