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Did Microsoft write Pearl Harbour the movie?

God damn it use normal english, this crap is hard enough to keep up with with you re-writing the english language.....Oh I have a marketing dept, that only speaks emojiiss  FFFFFS

When did SSD Disk become Standard SSD become HDD with some SSD Cache and not Hybrid Disk.

So SSD disk on Azure, which was SSD as I know it, fast flash based 50K Disk IOPS thin little, vibration free, limited lifetime as its lemming like nature kills the cells as it strives to live faster is now Premium SSD.

SSD Standard Disk is now some hinkey HDD with some SSD as cache on the front to allow for more stable read/ write speeds, but still only gives me 500 Disk IOPS same as the Standard HDD.

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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