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New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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This is a question I've had for a long time.  Every time I try to get my head around I think back to the days of this forum.  The forum is back so here goes.[tongue]

Been using SharePoint since the days of WSS 3.0.  Been preaching to my users SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint.  Central location for all company docs that is backup consistently blah, blah, blah.
Along come SharePoint online part of O365.  The storage matrix is a bit low on the SP side but then give the users enough space to store a few thousand shelves worth of the library of congress.
OD4B connects to each users personal SP site, everything from MS is OneDrive, OneDrive, OneDrive.
I fear rolling O365 out with this logic because it goes against everything we've been taught and I've told my users over the years.
What happened to the logic of a central location for all company documents?  
Are others worried about Joe User sharing things all over the internet and then running into the problem of whom has the most up to date document?
Am I over thinking this and should just go with the flow?
MS you are starting to drive me nuts!!!!!!!!  

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Still Famous
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Its overly complex.   Because.... Microsoft.

But, here is the way we Sell it, as opposed to the features it has and what it could do if the user wants to make it complex.

First, we never tell customers that they can share documents from their personal Onedrive for Business.   The new sync client is so much better, and uses the technology of the personal onedrive sync client.   But we tell users that if you want a shared document, you must put it on a library and use the old sync client for the moment.  

Out reasoning for this is huge.   If a user tries to sync a folder / file stored in their personal Onedrive for Business storage, then all hell breaks loose.   It is the worst implementation I have ever seen.  Until they get the Sharepoint libraries fully working with the new client, we are avoiding supporting it.

So.  In summary, use Sharepoint "old" Onedrive for business for company shared files, and buy extra storage if you need it.   Use the personal Onedrive for Business 1TB for your Documents and pictures.   In fact, with the new Onedrive for Business Client, we have had ZERO issues with redirecting Documents, Pictures and Desktop to the cloud on sites we manage.   This is better as the user just saves in their Documents, and everything syncs.

A bit of a ramble, but thats my own quick feedback on it.

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