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Hi all,

Still tweaking a few things wrt our Win10 Enterprise rollout.  File associations are a real PITA the way MS decided to implement them.  Some really questionable (STUPID) decisions here, including:

1) Edge as the default browser (I wouldn't be against it if Edge had some kind of proper Favorites management/roaming but it doesn't)
2) Edge as the default PDF viewer, even if Acrobat Pro is installed

So enter lots of blogs who happily tell me how to use a GPO to set default file associations.  The best part is, even though it's a computer policy, users can still elect to change their defaults and the policy won't force them back again.  The policy itself even says so!  So I exported the xml file and set up the GPO:

Clicking on the details of the GPO reconfirm that users should be able to change associations to taste:


It works great!  Default browser is now IE instead of Edge and pdfs open with Acrobat Pro.  So I go ahead and do a user level Chrome install, set Chrome as the default browser, and set PDFs to open with Edge.  Reboot, and DOH defaults are back to IE and AcroPro.

So is this just another Win10 screwup or am I doing something wrong?

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