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Hi Everyone,
I have two on premise Exchange Servers, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013. 

I just migrated my whole Domain and Email over, and everything is working great (Domain Schema, mail routing etc).

I'm just want to confirm with someone, that I can now log into my 2008R2 Server and remove Exchange through Add/Remove programs?

To test to see if everything is working I shut down my old DC and Exchange for a month and all is well, I'm ready to remove them from the network.

This is what my current Exchange 2013 reports:
email servers.png 
I think the Hub transport Role is now part of the Client Access Roll.

There is no DAG or synchronization between the two Servers, just 2013 replacing the old 2010 and I want to remove the physical machine soon.  No fancy setup.

I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips, or if I'm going about it the wrong way.
Should I take the old Database offline before removing the old Exchange?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you!


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So yes, if all is as you say you may well be ready.

Make sure public folders are replicated if used and then deleted as well as old mailbox databases.
You sometimes get arbitration and other mailbox issues, but follow the error message if any and port here.

Congrats, its not as easy as its looks.

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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