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Just like the Build and many other events, the European PowerShell Conference was forced to move to a virtual format. And, just like the Build, it means that the sessions are free for everyone to watch - starting 30th of May and not months after the actual event.

The current plan is to publish the recorded sessions on the 30th May and to hold two afternoons (Europe time) of live Q&A video sessions afterwards, on the 2nd and 3rd July. Watch this space ( and tune in!

I'm off to do some recording [cool]

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Originally Posted by cj_berlin

I'm off to do some recording [cool]

Use your 'toilet paper' background and maybe toss in a few intermittent background toilet flush noises.

Wait...even better... add an audio filter that makes you sound like you're in a bathroom.

Okay.  I'm having too much fun imagining the possibilities here. 

(As usual, I've nothing meaningful or technical to add to the conversation [wink] )

Nevertheless, "WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!" to you for being chosen as a presenter - go get 'em, killer!!! 

(I'd say "knock 'em dead", but that leads right back to the whole "bathroom" thing...ROFL)


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