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Why do I get '9' for this syntax ?  I would expect '5' since I've used '-first 5'

(Get-ADComputer -ldapfilter "(OperatingSystem=*server*)" -Properties *| Select-Object -First 5 | Format-table cn,OperatingSystem).count 

The syntax :
Get-ADComputer -ldapfilter "(OperatingSystem=*server*)" -Properties *| Select-Object -First 5 | Format-table cn,OperatingSystem

gives me 5 lines.

Pieter Demeulemeester

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Fun fun question ... wth?!?

I'm more of a powershell for sharepoint gal, so normally I'm really hampered by this weird world of we're-sharepoint-so-we-do-everything-different.  But for your question, I figured it would be a straight forward logic problem, so I tinkered a bit.  And it still seems like it is a logic problem, and that the answer to your question is four - not 42 (the answer to life, the universe, and everything), but four.  

So I set up a csv file with five columns, more than 400 rows, and did an import-csv.  I kept getting the same results you were finding ... no matter how many "-First " switches I used, the results were alwasy the # of rows plus four.

I thought maybe four represented the four bits of header components at the top of the table, you know?  

cn    OperatingSystem
---   ----------

But no... using -HideTableHeaders didn't fix that. And adding a third column of data to the request didn't change the mystery "plus four" to a "plus six."  

So I don't know why-four at this point, but if your primary purpose is to count the number of records returned, then dropping the Format-Table portion is what seems to fix the answer.  

(Get-ADComputer -ldapfilter "(OperatingSystem=*server*)" -Properties *| Select-Object -First 5).count

Should yield "five," or at least it seems to in my testing.


(Get-ADComputer -ldapfilter "(OperatingSystem=*server*)" -Properties).count

Should yield the actual number of computer ojbects where OS = server.  



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Format-Table converts whatever you feed it to lines of text. Apparently the table you get has nine lines, including the empty ones, thus the count of nine.
Evgenij Smirnov

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That is weird.  I tried both to a TXT file and both have empty lines. 

Good Catch CJ!!

Tim Bolton @jsclmedave
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