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We are using Outlook in Office 365 (Version 1902), but had he same issue in the previous version of Outlook. We keep getting users that are unable to update their Inbox. Network access works for all other applications (Internet, shared folder access, Skype, etc.). After some troubleshooting, I noticed that the NIC card on the computers have the yellow exclamation mark on the NIC card in the System Tray. And it seems that as long as that exclamation mark is there, Outlook seems to think it's working offline and doesn't update the Inbox. But all other network access works. I've tried updating the NIC card drives, re-installing Cisco AnyConnect, disabling the NIC card and re-enabling, etc., but the issue comes back as soon as the exclamation mark comes back on the NIC, and Outlook doesn't update. So since all other network access works fine, is it an Outlook issue? A NIC card issue? A Windows 10 issue? An Exchange issue?

I've talked with the IT group at our other offices in the US and Europe, and they are having the same issue.

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it's Network Location Awareness (NLA) getting in the way. The parameters for the connectivity test are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet, you could try reconfigure that to a location your clients will always be able to access. The default config for Windows 10 is:

try to resolve
and if it succeeds, compare the IP to
try to GET the file
and if it comes back with code 200, compare its content to "Microsoft Connect Test"

If one of those tests fails, indicator goes yellow and apps that are NLA aware think they're offline.

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