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 Had a "wonderful" two days with Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 crashing on several machines with the same faulting Dll.

Faulting module name: pstprx32.dll

On all machines there three mailboxes configured in each profile. One for Pop mail, one for O365 and one for

I repaired the installs and searched for malware and viruses.  Still Outlook would run for a few min. and then crash and restart. 

The Problem?   There was an update in  I removed two of the mailboxes. First the one for O365 and rebooted.   Outlook still crashed and restarted.  Then I removed
Rebooted and Outlook became stable with only the pop/smtp mail. 

I then added the others back , one at a time and rebooted.  It is now functional on all machines by following these steps.  Hope this helps someone because the Microsoft recommendations did not work and it's really nasty with the app you use all day is crashing and burning.

Curt Spanburgh
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