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Hi everyone hope you are good.

I have a client that has outlook 2007 and he has 2 accounts

I have setup rules that say....

If recipient A go to Folder A
If recipient B go to Folder B

All works well here until someone sent a mail TO: (recipient A) and also adds as CC[frown]Recipient B)

He will then receive the email twice in Folder A and twice in Folder B

Question : Since rules applied separately why does he receive the mail twice in each folder?

I mean its logic isnt it? When a mail is received rule 1 will check and see if recipient is included in the mail and then sent it to Folder A

Also same applies for rule 2.

I tried with stop processing but it didnt work in my case. I have setup the client to work different and now is okay but the thing is why do rules run like there is a loop?

Just call me the 1000Questionsguy

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I'm thinking back to my Outlook support days where we had Outlook 2007 client with Exchange 2007 on the back-end.  Occasionally we'd get someone saying that rules went haywire, OR that rules would mysteriously seem to work some days and not others ... and eventually we'd find out there was somewhat of a mis-match between server-side rules and client-side rules.  

Not sure if that's at all relevant, but if it might be, there's a /cleanrules switch that can be run to set you back to scratch and re-set up the rules.
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