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anybody try a private cloud built on Openstack yet? Our experiences best summed up by this quote: 

"Openstack is amazing, if someone sets it up for you and you never, ever have to upgrade. If you want to roll you own you can skip several steps and just check yourself into an asylum directly, because that's where you'll end up."

found in this article

this Openstack project ended up being a career changing project for the proponents who came up with this bright idea!

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I have built two highly automated clouds, not fully automated.
Both successful production infrastructure was based on VMware vCenter and ESXi.
One had a little Hyper-V piece, but that part was never production ready.

You need to monitor everything, you need to know whats happening everywhere, all the time.
I've used many different tools for the monitoring, not all in the same sites. 
Both sites - Veeam One, vOpps, Fiddler, Wireshark/ TCPDump.
Single site - Nagios + Check_MK in one site, Solarwinds SAM in the other site
And it breaks.
You never get the feedback loops right to tell you when job A never finished properly or cascaded into job 143, hence the monitoring.

Both occasions the teams were dedicated to infrastructure but not large enough to have one or two dedicated to just fixing/ modifying/ getting it proper, it was always fire fighting, hence the monitoring.

Tried the MS Dynamic Data Centre, but it was on 2008R2 Tech and System Center 2007 R2 SP something. 
HPE are throwing resources at Helion and it gets you support - not used it, but they have a lot of engineers in Galway working on it.
Dell dropped their public cloud I think as well as their private offering - never got very far with it, too much email in the initial POC that I gave up.
Citrix still kinda have Openstack, partners really doing the deployment - tried it for 6 months POC
Abiquo is another variant of management and deployment - used it for 2 years.

Monitoring is a big necessity and the grass is always greener.

Paddy Power are a massive consumer of Openstack for Dev I know. I believe they use it for production as well.
There is big enterprise use for it, where the cost of Openstack engineers is a lot smaller than the cost of enterprise solution licensing and where scale can overcome issues.

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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