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I'm hoping someone can maybe explain what I'm seeing (or not seeing)... because if I don't figure out what's going on, and soon, I'm gonna be taken away by guys in white coats.
(Probably should've already happened, but I digress)

Recently, I needed to re-install WIN 10 Home for a client.  (Got whacked by power outages).

Here's what I did: I installed WIN 10 from a recovery/install disk (created by MS' media creation tool).  I chose the second option (losing all files) because an existing installation of Windows could not be detected.  I picked the same partition (#2) that the whacked copy on WIN had been on, and so obviously, I had not formatted the drive.  (I normally would have formatted it, but didn't want to on this project)

So WIN 10 installs and creates the .old directory, as usual.

I'm all cool up to this point.  Sanity still reigns.  (Well, my version of sanity, anyways...)

(Bear with me on this next section.... I don't recall the exact sequence of events, nor the exact items that got impacted...I'm recalling from memory and might be off a bit)

As I'm getting the machine basics set up (renaming it, etc), I happen to notice that the .old directory contains just the very basic WIN folders: Program Files, ...(x86), Windows, Users, and maybe one other. 

The previous profile name was "buddl", but I had created a new online account called "Charlie" for the new install.

I cruise to the desktop of PUBLIC in .old and unzip an archive right to the same folder.

I futz around with the contents of the zip, having to install MSSQL 2008 native client, etc.

As I'm digging around on line for a workaround, I start to realize that schitt is moving from .old to the current, fresh install of Windows.

OMG.  Somebody explain this to me.

At some point, the .old directory has JUST the users and windows directories remaining.  The users directory ONLY has the default profile...Public and Buddl are gone.

Two client-specific folders which existed on the old copy of Windows, right off the root, are now right off the root of the NEW install of Windows.

I go in to one of them and it has his license key files, .xml files with his configs, etc...all stuff that would have been created after the program had been installed.

Same thing with the other folder.  It has logs of previous activity going back to the initial purchase of the PC (last year).

I did NOT move this stuff!!

"Buddl" now exists in the new install of Windows, even though I created a new user linked to a MS account that I created during the install.
(I could not recall his previous user name, and it didn't matter.... I wanted him to have Onedrive, so I created a new MS account for him)

Can someone help my tiny little brain understand WTH is going on with the .old stuff "silently migrating" over to the fresh install?!?!?

Or am I truly hallucinating and no such thing has occurred?
(I really should stop eatin' me crayons...)


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