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After our video chat on Thursday, I had such warm and gooey (like hot fudge) feelings about all the craziness that went on in the old forums.

So I promised myself that I'd try to stir up this place, however I could.

Here goes my first attempt...


A local small company is moving to a brand new building, and (somehow??) I ended up with the task of building out their new network.

(I do not touch their current network, as it's just a pile of "stuff" on a desk, covered in dust and dirt.)

Through a sequence of events I can't wrap my brain around, the company ordered "the network" from China and the reseller in China was going to send an engineer to come over to the US and put this thing together.

But Covid 19 happened.

About 2 weeks ago, I was asked if I could "install" the stuff that came from China.

Before I'm even aware that the company is moving, one of the employees (Sherwin) has already "installed" (OMG)
  1. the structured cabling (CAT6)
  2. the security cameras
  3. all the wireless access points for the warehouse and the offices (2 floors)
  4. two PoE network switches in the warehouse

He's connected the CAT6 for the warehouse WAPs to the PoE switches in the warehouse.
(I'm playing the visuals of his "handiwork" in my head while I type this out, and holy hell, I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry)

There are two 42U racks in the IT room, and he has "taken over" one of them.
He's taken the remaining 2 PoE switches and mounted them at the top, put the one shelf halfway down and loosely stacked the 3 NVRs on the shelf, then topped off the pile with a monitor.  His cables are a f@!%ing mess, making the rest of the cabinet unusable.  (Well, there's a LOT more that's unusable, but you'll see...ROFL)

There's sooooooo much I want to say about this "install", but for now, let me introduce you to "Sherwin's handiwork"...

This is the south wall of the warehouse.
The silver conduit is the building's power supply and the panel is 3 phase 220v.
The grey vented unit to the left is an Eaton transformer.

The black thing that looks like a side table is the 12U cabinet that the PoE switch should be in.
I say "should" because it's not.  It's.... I dunno... I didn't measure it, but it looks like it's a goog 15 feet away...
look UP.  ROFL.  As in "follow the power cable conduit upwards about 15 feet, until you see a black rectangle..."

Sherwin needed to overcome a problem... where to plug it in.
So he did what any Sherwin would do... he found a brown household extension cord and no, I have NO IDEA what he did about the ground prong... the cable is a standard NEMA 5-15P - the kind used for almost all IT stuff. 
The extension cord is just a standard 2-prong type.  So he most likely "de-pliered" (lol) the "extra" prong on the plug.

I'm only guessing though, because it's too far away to get a better look.


Here's the plug end of the extension cord... and lookee!  He even zip-tied it to the conduit! 

Wait.  What's that yellow cable?







There's more (ohhhh..... there's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.....) but that's enough for now.
If I keep going, I'll get a headache from banging my head.


If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.


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Does anyone think there are going to be problems?????

Curt Spanburgh

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There's that commercial comes to mind ... 

"That's not how this works.  That's not how any of this works."  

I'm imagining "Sherwin" trying to Tweet a video using a Poloroid camera ...

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New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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Looks good to me [biggrin]

Maybe he used the 12" Rack to place the ladder on so he could reach the switch.

Claus T Nielsen
Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP 
Founder of the Danish PowerShell UserGroup
<SIG> George Bernard Shaw : The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. </SIG>

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Associate Troublemaker Apprentice
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Ah sure what could go wrong. Obviously the Chinese instructions had a similar picture for deployment.
And the height that the electrons are travelling from will make the network faster, you know like the pressueca water tower gives

Have you tried turning it off and walking away? The next person can fix it!

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Well, from a security standpoint, the switch hangs high enough. I'm pretty sure no one will just steal it.
Pieter Demeulemeester

New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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Lol, thx for sharing!
Home is where is sleep

Grumpy Old Men
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I really don't see the problem. Maybe he should have gotten some some cardboard boxes to get the cabinet off the floor. I know I would have used duct tape instead of zip ties!

It is amazing that somewhere in his head, he checked off  the box that said, "done"!

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. ~Author Unknown
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