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Lately, mobile devices set up to access calendaring and email send multiple requests for that purpose.  For example one setup generated 31 requests asking to remove the quarantine status and provide functionality.

We want to control which users can use the functionality so the message, " The Exchange ActiveSync service has quarantined the mobile device listed below. It won't be able to synchronize Exchange content until you take action.," still requires an Admin to approve after receiving a ticket from the Service Desk.

We recommend using the built in solution not the Google Play app for iOS and Android (both ways have the problem).

This does not happen to every user.  It doesn't matter if this is their first device or one of multiple.  It does not stick to a single department or user name. There is no correlation of different types of device, i.e. not just mobile phones.

Most of the time the requests stop after device authorization.  Today I had one that created six more after doing my part of the process though.

I have not opened a case with Microsoft as I believe I am not alone and a solution is available here with much less hassle.

It is a real pain getting all these emails from the end user's requests.

Thank you in advance,

John Johnson
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