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We'll probably be moving some mailboxes to Office 365 / Exchange Online as part of a pilot program.

Current version of Exchange on-premises is 2010 SP3 RU15.

This would be a hybrid migration (not cut-over, not staged).

One question that management asks is: "If for whatever reason, we wanted to move the mailboxes back, would that be possible?" and "Could we remove the hybrid elements added to Exchange?"

I believe the answer is "yes" to both those questions.

Moreover, I was able to find a document that outlines the off-boarding process (this is part 6):

However, the scenario is somewhat different. In that series, Steve Goodman is moving from Office 365 to Exchange 2013 (not Exchange 2010).

So I'm curious...

Has anyone (yourself or a client) opted to move their mailboxes back on premises and abandon Office 365? Was this with Exchange 2010? How did it work? Any problems?

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Yes it's possible.  No real reason to tear down hybrid even if you move all the mailboxes back (which is easily done, they can move in both directions freely).  You may find you want to use it for other reasons.
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