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I'm laughing right now, thinking of some of the photos I am going to post.

And the sad part of that is.... that I'm NO expert (At all.  not.even.close.) in any area of IT...  the fck ups I see are probably 10% of what's REALLY fubar'd.

As an aside, I learned today that Sherwin is NOT an employee of the client... apparently he pimps himself out as a cabling contractor!!


Okay, this post will show you the PoE switch "install" on the north wall.  <begins to giggle>WIN_20200518_17_24_13_Pro.jpg
Obviously, the 12U cabinet to the right was not "cool" enough.  Setting it on top of a CAT6 cable box looks much more awesome, don't you think?

You think that's cool?  Check THIS out...

Sherwin is pure awesomeness.... he even attached the mounting ears, to give it that "kicked back and relaxin'" look.

If you look closer, you'll see the kind of stuff that scares the poop outta' ME...

Sherwin "installed" the access points in the warehouse, and "plugged 'em in" to this (and the other) switch.

So there are actual devices on the other ends of these cables.  The access points are powered by PoE only; none of the APs have an AC adapter.

This switch is an unmanaged PoE switch.  So there's no CLI or GUI or nuttin'.... it's plug and pray.
The only thing you can observe on these switches are the lights on the front panel.
I happen to have one of these bad boys right here in my workshop, so I just snapped a pic of the front panel to show you what the lights indicate on Sherwin's switch.  (below)

According to the front panel, amber lights indicate the speed is Fast Ethernet or slower and then below each "speed" light is another light to indicate whether Power (over Ethernet) is being supplied.  The PoE light is either "green" or "dark"...there's no third option.

So from my observation, I see Sherwin has obtained Gigabit speed on just ONE port (Port 22), but alas, that's because the access point is "dead"... as in, the PoE light is dark.  (He's dead, Jim!!)

Even better, port 15 has one single light... an amber one.  That means that the access point is, for all intents and purposes, not even there.  Which means the cable is so frucked up, that it can't even handle GigE speed as "just a simple cable."
WIN_20200527_20_08_32_Pro.jpgThis is probably part of the reason....

I took several photos (I'm not goog at taking photos), hoping to show the impressive job Sherwin did with the 8P8C (RJ45) connectors.

WIN_20200518_17_23_20_Pro.jpg  WIN_20200518_17_23_26_Pro.jpg 

What you don't know, just by looking at the cables, is that this is SHIELDED cable.... <face palm> 

The "SF/UTP" means there is a braided mesh shield and a foil shield around all four pair of wires, but the individual pairs are not shielded.

installing shielded cable is something I'm currently educating myself on, and what I'm learning is that shielded cable must be shielded for the entire run.  There are special "RJ45" connectors that need to be used and the shielding must be grounded through the RJ45 connector.  Additionally, a "ninth" wire runs inside the cable, along with the 4 pair of wires.  It's called a drain cable - it "collects" the errant EMI and gives it a place to "drain off".IMAG3074.jpg
May favorite part (there are so many to choose from!) of this "install" is Sherwin's ability to figure out where everything goes.


It all goes there...on the floor.


I'll be back, because there's more.... 

dear gawd... <sigh>


If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

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