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I just wanted to start a topic for Mini or micro pc's like the raspberry Ip and the Byte3

I have both.

The Byte3 is a great option for if you need something cheap in the workplace.  It comes with Windows 10 Professional integrated so you can easily make it a member of your network.  It's a bit weak in the processor but comes with 4 gb of memory as an option.

At home I also have the Raspberry Pi 3.  I'm not doing a whole lot with it yet but i would like to know what others are doing.  a couple of ideas i have are below

game camera functionality running off solar

Offgrid digital storage of How to with basic small black and white lcd display


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For IoT/robotics, this guy rocks:
Evgenij Smirnov

My personal blog (German):
My stuff on PSGallery:
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