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Greetings -
I need to migrate a (4 node) Terminal Server farm to a different domain. My though was to take one node out of a time from the cluster then join to new domain.

More context: these "sub domains" have a trust with corp ad. However subdomain A is going away and TS needs to be migrated to suboman B. Users use their creds from corp domain for logging in currently and will remain that way when going to subdomain b.

Caveats, hints or tips for a smooth transition?


New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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So which Server OS is this?

And do you have a Windows Failover cluster with VMs or do you mean cluster = TS farm?

I would think you mean a TS Farm and in that case you can indeed move the server to another domain. Some things that come up in my mind:
- do you have a global TS License server? Of not you need to let the license server span all domains or move it to the correct domain.
- TS GW/WA/CB servers that need to come with?
- move the gpo's that are specific to you TS Farm also, you can export/import (backup restore it is called in the gpmc.msc) if they are large/comprehensive.
- think of your user profiles, are they accessable from the other domain?
- Maybe just "try" a migration to see what will happen? You can P2V if it's a physical server, or export/import if it's a VM. I would suggest changing the name of the server before adding it to the domain (actually you have to do more to make it unique, but as you add it to another domain it will have a new UID in that domain so for a test i think a change in name is enough). Let end users test the apps on the TS after you clone it, a succesfull TS migration has no use if the apps don't work.

theree are much more things, but I thnk the testmigration will be a good start.

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