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Well, I here in the South East Microsoft  open day conference.

This is a meeting of MVPs and Region Directors from the S/E area of the U.S.

Some good Azure sessions, and some developer sessions.

But more interaction with Microsoft folks and how they can help us succeed in our work and how we can help them.  

There were also some guest.   We are meeting at the Alpharetta MSFT office.

Microsoft has now classified Atlanta as a tier one metro area.
More on what that means later.

Curt Spanburgh

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I've been told that the sales people are getting better commission on switched on and consumed services as opposed to sales
So if someone buys 100 Office 365 E5' they get some for the sale, but most when all services are used, so using email, sharepoint and SfB.
Possibly a bad product example but I don't really know the levels on the other products other than Azure

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