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If we decide to start using Office 365, are there any good options available for doing local backups of our users' OneDrive data for our organization? 

For example, we currently have a local Windows file server where our users' documents, etc. are stored.  We back this up on a nightly basis.  We would like to do the exact same thing for our users' OneDrive data in Office 365.

Some people would probably say that a local backup is not necessary because our users' data would be stored at Microsoft server farms that are highly unlikely to fail and from which users can restore deleted files from their OneDrive recycle bin for 6 months.  While these things may be true, for several reasons we still want a backup of our users' data in-house.  One big reason we want this is for the ability to restore data from backups that are one or two years old.  While rarely use this ability, we have needed to use it for our teachers and staff on at least 3 occasions.

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One solution that may help.  
First off, there is nothing Cheap.

But if you stored the docs in SP libraries in a SQL database you would have a means to pull them done from the cloud to a SQL database.  In this case SP.   Software like Kingsway soft now has connectors that can be used in SSIS to connect to One Drive.   

Since you can use SQLDATA tools 2012 for free, and devs can use Kingswaysoft or other SSIS tools, it's a good way to get started in creating hybrid solutions.  The other means is an Azure storage area.

Curt Spanburgh

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Checkout AvePoint, CloudAlly and there are others.
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