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Using SSDTs   (SQL Server Data Tools 2012)  I was working on a new SSRS report for an Dynamics CRM 2015 online instance.

I use a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fetch EMBEDDED TYPE  of connection.
The string for the data resource is also embedded instead of Shared.   Since it was CRM 2015 online update 1, the "URL/organization name still allows me to make a connection.  This changes in CRM 2016 online.

I use the organization login for the credentials.     For the unacquainted, if you opened a trial with O365 and CRM you would authenticate via the organization login. 
Say for instance the O365/CRM online instance was called
And your the admin called Mark.   You login name by default would be  and then your password. 
FYI:  You can get to the login page via

So back on track:
This morning I received  the following error:




The security timestamp is invalid because its creation time ('2016-03-17T13:43:02.550Z') is in the future.

Time? Hmm!!!!!   I look to the south east corner of the screen and not the time.   Then I look at the time on my cell phone.   Well, five min. difference.   I remembered errors from working in a domain.  But this machine I have my dev environment on is not part of a domain and I did not have a external time reference (Shame on me).   So I was 5 min plus out of sync.
I synced the time on my Dev station 
 Changed the time with a quick net stop w32time and net start w32time at the CMD prompt, and checked to see if the time service was in sync.   
I got back into SSDT and checked the Report data area.   My data source had authenticated and my Fetchxml code had rendered the fields of the CRM entity I was querying.

No reboot required.

As we continue to move into using cloud resources, I hope this helps when you have to do SSRS and SSIS packages while connecting to a cloud resource.




Curt Spanburgh
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