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Mark & Jeff Hicks!


Many IT Pros have heard about Desired State Configuration, or DSC, and wondered what's it all about. How hard is it to learn? Will it work in my company? This half-day workshop aims to be a bit more than a simple "type this, click here" tutorial. Instead seasoned IT veterans Mark Minasi and Jeff Hicks will tag team in an invigorating session to not only provide you the DSC basics you need to get started but also explain why you would want to use it. We'll look at solving some practical and real-world problems DSC such as providing limited admin access to servers with JEA (Just Enough Administration), deploying a new domain controller or spinning up a bunch of Hyper-V virtual machines. There will be plenty of live demonstrations and engaging conversation you won't want to miss.

Tim Bolton @jsclmedave
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Looking forward to it.  Should be a great DSC intro!
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