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A very common project these days is upgrading the CRM SQL database from a CRM 2011 instance to a CRM 2016 on premise instance.
If your are using the original media CD the server will install on the application server but the SRS connector installation will not work.  Its looking for an older version of the Microsoft Visual C++ x64 Redistribute.  

MSFT has an update of the CRM 2011 server install with the Rollup 6 included.

You can download it here:

Extract it into a folder and run the "SetupSRS Data Connector" and go though the system check before the install.  You have to install this on the SSRS server , not the CRM server.

Remember that the account used to install CRM 2011 and create the SQL databases is called the Deployment Administrator.

If you used that account for the SRS service account, you will have to change it, otherwise the install of the SRS Data connector with fail.

This gets your reports going.   Afterward it's time to make sure you have a good backup of the SQL databases and then upgrade all the CRM components to Rollup 13.  There are more roll ups after that.

To upgrade to 2016 your going to have to "step" the database through different instances. From 2011 to 2013, 2015 and then 2016.    Get your Hyper-V skills together because you are not going to get this going in one day.   And after all, in IT years 2011 is a long time.

Curt Spanburgh
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