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New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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We're dealing with this very issue right now.

Moving from premise Lync 2010 standard client to O365 options, hopefully without a forced upgrade of the entire Office 2010 until a time of our choosing.

Lync 2013 seemed to still have the MSI/MSP vs OCT (Click to Run) install options.

I can't confirm but appears Lync 2016 MSI/MSP options are gone, and OCT is the only option.

Also while MSI/MSP were essentially only viable with access to the "Full" CDROM/DVD media accessible, OCT seems to work using an online "Streaming" source, Microsoft Cloud or on-premise Local repository.

Some clarification about these observations or assumptions would be sincerely appreciated.

So far I have learned the OCT config.xml can be "configured" to not install everything except the Lync 2016 client (kind of an "opt out" of all components but what you want) and Office 2010 appears to happily co-exist in its own side by side installation on the same workstations.

The reason all of this is important is the user base expects, and have variable skill levels to be instructed to simply "install everything" and take on a herculean effort at learning a new "office" operating system over night, on top of a new hardware operating system "windows 10 or beyond"

So we are upgrading using a computer logon script, so that the installs take place with elevated privledges.

One thing we have not be able to figure out though is how to "auto activate licenses" it appears first sign-on they will inevitably be required to click-click-click-click-click through the click-wrappers and then coerced into selecting among various accounts and license types to activate. The config.xml does not appear to have a field for mass volume licensing activation.. and the office to the cloud seems to want to setup "personal" relationships only.

Anyway.. it would be good to get people conversing about the delima.. microsoft seems to keep saying.. "we don't know? that's the way it is now.. good luck" which is frankly weird.

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Still Checking the Forum Out
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Check out this blog post:

I believe you can do this with the free version. But it's a great tool worth investing in.

Still Checking the Forum Out
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Oh crap, client connectivity....... Might be a master, but no idea on how to deploy a client. Hahaha!

Master of all Exchange
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The OCT version allows you to download the binaries/MSIs to an admin deployment point and then deploy from there.

However, you must use KMS for activation. MAKs are kinda on the way out.

You can fully configure the installation experience, just as you have in the past, but the available options are somewhat different.


New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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Discovered that the Volume Licensing program still distributes MSI/MSP media and the old OCT tool for performing silent installs.

It's just like Office 2010 through 2013.. so problem mostly solved.

Office 365 Online is CTR1/CTR2 "only" and there are "no" MSI/MSP media options available.

The Office Online editions versus the Office Offline Volume Licensing editions looks similar but functionally are very different.

After getting the GPO to install with MSI/MSP media "whew.. it was such a welcome sight! "

The Auto_Activiate attribute appears "broken".

Regardess of the "circular" "it's not broken" mantra in the support groups.. I think it depends which side of the fence your on... you can make it work by using the old fashioned OSPP.VBS /ACT script after the install to go ahead and activate. This can be included in the MSP through the OCT.

For us the OCT also offer the options to "don't touch my existing install of Office" when installing the new parts.. they happily coexist.. though we've been warned about mixing 2013 and 2016.. I think that also is a matter of "interpretation" as the Online Editions versus the Offline Editions seem to be confusing people on both sides of the fence equally.

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