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I found out about this from another forum. (It's NOT an IT forum!!!  I wasn't cheating!! [wink])

The gist is this:

You create an account with a free service, and then link one or more of your Amazon lists to it.
The service will email you when the price of any item on your list(s) falls to an amount you've picked.

That's not the part I love, though.

What's REALLY cool is that the email has a graph showing the ENTIRE PRICE HISTORY for that specific item.  So you can tell when you're really getting screwed, or not 😉~

Here's an example of one:
(In case it's too small to see here, the price history for this item goes back to 2013)
2020-06-26 • 00-06 004.png   

The site is

It's FREE.  TOTALLY.   (Works on PayPal donations, patreon subscriptions, etc)

Some notes:

I set up my ccc account years ago, so I forgot what you need to do, specifically, but I think you need to set any list you want to watch as "public".   You'll need to grab the perm-link for each list.

You can have camelcamelcamel watch just one list, or all of them.

If you are lazy, you can skip past telling ccc when to notify you, and it will default to the price it was at, when you added it to your list.  If the price drops a one penny, you'll get notified.  <~ this becomes annoying.  Ask me how I know this.

You don't have to set prices one by one.

You can use formulas to set some or all watch prices.... they offer choices like "when it's x% below current price" or "when it's no more than x% above it's lowest price ever."



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