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I am looking at building a Windows 2016 print server in the coming year.  Our current server, 2008 r2, has served us pretty well but with end of support looming it is about time to look at the options.  Branch Office Printing seems like it may be.

Currently we have a standalone vm with a vm-ware hot spare.  We try to keep it updated quarterly, because we don't add many printers now, but I foresee some restoration needed before production is restored.

The main problem we have is jobs being hung in individual queues and restarting the server's print spooler doesn't unlock or remove them.  A server reboot is needed to do the trick causing downtime, about 2 minutes.  In our 24-7 shop "minimal" is still very visible.  This happens about monthly and the issue doesn't happen to just one printer.

I've tried to delete the jobs, pause the jobs then delete and pause printing altogether for the printer and try deletion. Most times new jobs will print even though there is a hung job ahead of it, that is OK for a while but a reboot is eventually required. I have to alert the entire staff of about 2,500 to do this so everyone knows, causing more than frustration. When printing stops, manual backup processes cannot keep up.

I'm wondering if branch office printing may be an answer. If I understand correctly, only one queue is effected in my scenario. Print jobs are rendered on the workstation so is it possible to cancel them on the workstation level by restarting the local print spooler or power cycling the printer?

I am confused on the workings of BOP.  I cannot seem to find a "how to" guide for setup although I can find plenty information...definitions, benefits and drawbacks...not what I need.

I can't get funds for a third party product although there seem to be many to investigate.

Any help is appreciated.

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