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Michael Pietrzak

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Well apologize for the doozy or a topic headline. After going back and forth, back and forth and back again, my supervisor has now said we are going to need move from our local Exchange 2003 server to hosted Exchange by MS.

A couple issues I have is as follows...

1. A number of mailboxes are over 2 gigs in size. I know Exmerge cannot export a mail box more than 2 gigs so do I work to shrink those boxes or is there a good third party tool?

2. I guess I really don't know what my best path forward is...Do I export everyone's mailbox and import into hosted Exchange? Just keep the current mail server up and running and let everyone drag and drop email? Export to PST and let users access old email locally?

3. How best do I retire the current server? Do I tell everyone to send out notices that they will get a new email address? Use MX records to have incoming mail delivered to the new server?

Ugh, I am just completely lost.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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you need to look at third party tools vendors for the migration, such as Quest, CodeTwo or BitTitan. This way you can have coexistence between migrated users and those still on-premises, seamless transition and so on.

Tools or no tools, you can keep both domains as accepted so no need to notify external correspondents all at once. You will need to switch over MX records at some point in time. Again, the tools mentioned above can help establish coexistence here.

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