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New Friend (or an Old Friend who Built a New Account)
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Hi everyone

Not been around here for what seems an eternity. Some of you might remember me as a regular lar user of the old board from about 7 years ago!! I'm still in the world of IT, working for an MSP in England, and following some of you guys on Twitter [wink]

Anyway, I am getting into Powershell now so figured this would be the best corner of the Web to hang out and learn from, well, the best.

How are we all?


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Hey Tim!

Its been kinda quiet but there are still a lot of us lurking here.

Tim Bolton @jsclmedave
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Hey Tim,

welcome back! Sadly, this is not THE place anymore for anything other than for us Minasi old timers to hang out. But do feel free to post questions, some of us are still around like Tim said.

Evgenij Smirnov

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Welcome back Tim.   It's true. Once the fire was allowed to burn down it's been mostly hot coals but not many flames.

I see lots of hardware questions and OS questions come up.   Who of us does not love getting machines working and communicating with one another.   

But for the last ten years, I think the story is the data and the experience of using it.

I also think there are two other stories equally important.   Security and bandwidth.

A while back I was sitting in a room with Microsoft folks who asked us if there was a way to securely integrate Share Point data with D365 data.

After going through the details, we found that it was very hard because the D365 data was very secure in the sense that record ownership and usage was very granular.  You could spend quite a bit of time on things like views, sharing rights, forwarding rights, business unit rights, team rights, Administrators who can manage the system but cannot see or change data, office 365 rights, etc.

On the Share Point side you have security as well but the system is by design, created to share information more freely.   So a middle ground that gets past the limits of security and license rights has to be created.

Thus, the creation of collab portals, and the use of metadata instead of transferring data to another entity in order for BI to be generated for knowledge needs.

I think the forum has to face the fact that issues like the above are the IT conversations of the day and we with experience have to address them.  

I'm not sure which Minasi meeting it was at but I remember when Nathan and I had parts and I remember when Nathan stated regarding Exchange that it was all going to the cloud.   For us who did Exchange consulting and work for clients that made our hearts sink.   We all did a great deal of work learning Email infrastructure.  Yes, we still use this knowledge to this day, but I can tell you that it's been a while since I had to go out to a client and rescue an Exchange server or solve a DNS issue. Perhaps in James Summerlin's market, but nor in Atlanta.   

So I guess what I am saying is that I wish the forum to be more modern place.

For instance, do we have a section on FLOW?    I have to tell you all that this is a great technology but like all the MSFT stuff, we have to see at least one version  "Sink in the swamp" before it stops "jiggling like Jello".  So lets see if we can get more traffic in here.  Certainly if I can see 4000 emails regarding new tech like FLOW in my inbox, we should have an area like that here.   FYI:  I have used several famous expressions in my above comments. They are not my ideas.

Curt Spanburgh
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