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I work at a library and we have computers for our patrons. I have manually installed 2 local printers, "a" and "b", on these public computers. They both use LPT1 as their port and they are not shared.


I have created entries in Group Policy to delete unneeded printers, such as "Fax" and "Microsoft Print to PDF", on the public computers. I created these entries in Computer Configuration-Preferences-Control Panel Settings-Printers and these entries have deleted the unneeded printers.


I now simply want to use Group Policy to designate printer "a" as the default printer on the patron computers. I suppose that I should create an entry for "a" in User Configuration-Preferences-Control Panel Settings-Printers and use the "Update" action but I want to be sure.


How do I use Group Policy to designate a local printer as the default printer?

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