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I posted this in the AD forum, then realized it might be better here. So I'm going to post it here now.

We've always had a single domain-wide password policy. Now, for one reason or another, we need to have one group with a slightly different policy than everyone else. Since I haven't done this before, I'm not quite certain how to proceed.

Do I leave the domain-wide policy in place and just add another policy and apply it to the group in question? Do I need to do anything else, like make it so members of that small group can't read the domain-wide policy? Or do I need to eliminate the domain-wide policy and implement two policies, one on the small group and one on a group that includes everyone else?

Thanks for any input,

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Closed subject, answered in the AD section where it indeed belongs.  FGPP is not related to GPO. Thanks to our marketing for the confusion.
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