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We have 2 x 2012 R2 Servers. One it the main hyperv host and one is a hyperv replica Server.

In order to Export a vm from the main Server we obviously have to shutdown the vm,
but do we (should we) remove replication before doing the export or is it ok just to have the replication in a paused state.

We ask this as we seem to end up with corrupted exports when initiated from the main host server.



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Im not sure, i was about to do a duckduckgo for you.. If you don't get a reply i would suggest you do some lookup on technet. has some good content on hyperv and replica's. Im sure there are some official recommendations about this.

Although i don't know the answer out of my head about exports with hyperv replica enabled, I would recommend just make a copy of the vm resources instead of a export. In 2008r2 you had to use export to create an imported vm folder, but ive seen some weird stuff in 2012(r2) hyperv with this function. If i want an copy/backup of a vm, the safest way is to shutdown the vm and make a copy of the vm folder (or resources if the vm has its stuff in multiple/general folder). If you don't want to shutdown the folder, suggest the (free) veaam backup util.

But check the official way (or best practice) to do copy's/backups with hyperv replica enabled.

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With the replica you don't have a single VM but two tied machines.
Stop replication and export.

You could try an export from the replica server, or as mentioned Veeam backup or Disk2VHD if all you want is a copy / backup.

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