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Read something last night and the penny dropped.

Older unsupported instances of Exchange 2013/ 2016 will be difficult to bring into a supported state.

The links I read through.

So the .NET frameworks are available.
Exchange 2016 CU8, CU7 and CU6 as well as RTM are available.
Exchange 2013 CU19, CU18 and CU17 are available.

I also have a copy of Exchange 2013 CU15 - which appears to be the key to a lot of the .NET dependencies.

Thanks to Michel de Rooij for the picture.


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Well, to make this as clear as it gets: Up until now, there hasn't been anything in the Exchange or .NET installer to prevent you from having an unsupported (and, often enough, not working) combination of .NET and Exchange CU.

So in a DAG, you can just take the risk and upgrade .NET to the latest, reboot and then upgrade Exchange to the latest, node for node. This is also what the product group seems to be telling people who talk to them unofficially. You can't expect the node to be working in the interim, but in my testing, the end result is OK. If you have a single server then, well, that's another story.

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