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Grumpy Old Men
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Let's say on January 1, 2015 I was told to set a retention policy that all emails are kept indefinitely.
Let's also say, prior to that, Exchange's default policy was applied and set to this:
Name: Default 6 month move to archive
Type: All other folders in the mailbox
Action: Move to Archive
Age Limit for Retention: 183
Retention Enabled: True

Now I am told to search certain user's mailboxes for any mail that is between January 1, 2013 and April 1, 2013.
The search indicates some users have items back to 2012 in the Sent Items and a few folders under the Inbox have the same.
The users are unable to set any archive policies.
How is it there are emails this old in the user's mailbox?
Shouldn't they have been sent to Archive?

Thanks in advance.


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Users can view an archive mailbox and move or copy messages between their primary mailbox and their archive mailbox.

Is that Exchange 2016?  Do the policies affect those archives &/or pst files?  So, why are the cops looking at that user?

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If you can visit one of the users and have a look at her mails, you could try to see how those old mails are tagged. Maybe the users have been able to apply a personal tag at some time, in which case it will remain in place even if the policy has changed afterwards. Maybe those users are on retention hold. Or maybe they don't have the policy applied.

Last but not least, and sorry if I should be stating the obvious: How do you even know that those mails are NOT in the archive? Has you used -DoNotIncludeArchive with your search?

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