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Hi everyone --

I am so very, very grateful to see hundreds of you return.  I hope you like our new home, we'll do our best to make it work for everyone.  I hope you'll be a bit patient with me on that, as I must move out of a house that I've lived in for 16 years, and I've got to get out of it in 11 days.  Along the way, I need to find a new home for the web site, but that's a story for another day. [smile]

I would just like to make a few requests, based on what I feel worked and did not work in the last forum.  Much of it's common sense, so forgive me if I'm insulting anyone's intelligence.
  • No flaming the newbies or feeding the trolls, please. Remember Wheaton's Law.  ("Don't be a dick.") [smile]  Yes, some folks ask what seem like some really dumb questions, but please don't flame the newbies.  They're often scared and so aren't always as polite as might need be, but I was astonished in the last forum to see how often it was that some bozo started getting obnoxious, troll-y or flaming, but all that withered against your collectively relentless courtesy and in so many cases you won them over to our "hey, who knew, the Internet CAN be polite."  Lots of things here will irritate you (and me!) but take a few breaths before returning fire.  (And help ME when I forget to do that [smile] &nbsp[wink]  I can't tell you how many times I told people back in the first years that I was hoping to create the "first bastion of civility on the 'Net" and got looks like I'd just said that I was working on a perpetual motion machine.
  •  I would greatly appreciate if you'd all populate your profiles with your first and last names.  I think all the old-timers can agree that 99% of the jerks in the old forum were the anonymous.  When I'm talking to Jim or Jane or Bill instead of hotdog532, ILuvSingleMalt or dorkwalker, I feel like I'm talking to a human, and as soon as I'm calling Jim "Jim" instead of hotdog, we're usually friends.
  • Please offer feedback on the site.  I'm learning Webtoolkit a little at a time so I can't guarantee that I can fix everything, but I'll try.  And the fact that apparently I can export the whole darn thing in XML or something means we could all go somewhere else if necessary... but I'm hoping that won't happen.
Thank you again... I missed you guys!


NOTE: If you're wondering where the "we're back!" and "thanks for doing this!" threads are, I moved them over the "About this Forum."  Please keep the conversation going there.  Thanks!
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