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I can't believe you clicked on this!!  ZOMG!!!

Well, okay... the whole "choice of reading material" thread reminded me of a funny moment that happened years ago, and since ya'll were the reason behind why I was even there, I guess I'll tell ya.  It's just funny on a "hahaha" level.  Not as funny as CJ getting pinged as he drives around.  (sorry.... I am still cracking up over that...!!)

So about 11 years ago, I signed up for a college course about networking basics.  I wanted to learn how to make network cables.  (The syllabus listed that activity in it's outline.)

Originally, I'm in that class, only to "prove" to someone in the old forums, that I can make cables.
It was a last minute decision; I signed up just two days before the start of class.  My plan is to attend until we get to the "make cables" lecture, then drop the class after that.

However, several factors were in play.

1.  Unbeknownst to me, I had entered the first class of the Cisco Networking Academy.  There are four classes to take, in succession, but the twist is, each class is double hours.  So instead of attending class one night per week for four hours, you attend two nights per week, for four hours each.  Additionally, there are approximately 20 hours a week required for lab work.

Labs are done in teams, and I get two lab partners.... Harry "no cookies", and Geo.
Harry has other stuff going on, so we never see him, but Geo is an older guy, working in NYC doing database stuff, and wants to get in to networking.  He's a little taller than me, plump, pleasant, friendly, easy-going.  He thinks I know what I'm doing.  (OMG!!)

2.  My ex is having an affair.  This is "beknownst" to me, albeit the fact that it is beknownst to me is unbeknownst to him.   One evening, my server alerted me that the backup failed.  Still at work, I dug around to find why there was so much data getting backed up.... I found a lot of pictures.

3.  HOLEEEEE CRAP.  A whole new world had opened up to me, and I was in L.O.V.E.  [love]
After I purchased the text book, I flipped thru the pages real quick, but stopped short by what I saw.   I looked closer at the words on the page.  My heart began to race... "Hey!  This is all that stuff you see in network settings!!!  Holy crap!!!  You mean there are people on this planet that actually know what that stuff is?!? I thought it was all just 192.168.1.whatever I pick and!!!"

I can't wait to learn this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the class starts, I become enamored with networking, and can't get enough of it.  (Which is goog, because damn, there's a lot to get...I've got my CCNA and I've only made a teeny tiny dent in all the stuff to learn....)

So it seems that Geo and I are the only ones who actually come in during the eves we don't have class, to work on labs.

The lab is in a separate, very private room.   To get to it, you have first go into the classroom, then enter a storage room at the back, then finally enter the lab.  Geo and I even use the lab when other classes are going in the classroom, and no one ever even knows we're there.

A bunch of disused IT equipment gathers dust along the walls, but in the center of the room sits an island where our lab equipment is.   The island is rectangular... about 20' long and maybe 3' wide.  The monitors are CRTs and they have about 10 to 12 set up on the island.  Each monitor faces the opposite of the two it sits between, so there's room for notebooks, textbooks, papers, etc. 

One evening, Geo and I are in the lab alone, clicking away.  We're doing the steps together, but at workstations opposite each other.

I'm kinda quiet that evening, and at one point, I say "Every time I look at the screen, all I see are boobs."

I look back down at my lab notes, trying to find where I was at.

When I look up, Geo is standing behind my shoulder, looking intently at the monitor.

I turn towards him and smile, with that look of "what?!?!?" on my face, and he says "clearly you have a much better monitor over here..."


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