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We are transitioning from a 2008 R2 domain to a 2012 R2 domain.  We have 11 locations, each with a 2008 R2 DC.  We have added 4 2012 R2 DCs in 3 of the locations.  After demoting the 2008 R2 DCs, we are keeping them as file servers and print servers and DNS servers.  I have created a secondary zone on each of the 2008 R2 DNS servers and established the zone transfers with the 2012 R2 primary DC.  At this point the only zone I am replicating to the 2008 R2 DNS servers is the forward zone,  Do I also need to set up the and the reverse lookup zones on the 2008 R2 DNS servers and set up the zone transfers from the 2012 R2 server?  We have run into some issues where Remote Desktop Connection to a server or PC at a site which has been transitioned has not worked until we enable NetBIOS over tcp/ip on the PC's network connection properties.  Thanks.

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Aren't you overcomplicating this a little? Assuming  your WAN is reasonably reliable you don't need two DNS Servers, certainly not in this case where you only have one DC. If that DC is down and the WAN is down as well, this secondary zone you are hosting is useless.

If you can't remove DNS from the 2008 R2 server (yet), keep it simple: caching only meaning no zones and two generic forwarders: one to the local DC, and one to a central.

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