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I'm new to VM's and have only really started to use Hyper V so I can setup an environment on my laptop to practice software deployments.

What I'd like to know is the correct way to create a new VM based on a VM base install of Server 2012 including updates as of today.

Do I need to sysprep the base VM so I get truly unique VM's or will the export/import work.



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you need a sysprep at some point, so you can
  • either sysprep the base VM and then clone it (the problem being that you cannot sysprep indefinitely so you will not be able to patch the base VM)
  • or leave base VM as it is and sysprep each clone first thing after cloning (but do not connect the network until sysprep!)

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Hi david,

I always go for the second suggestion of cj_berlin.
I make a VM and leave it in Workgroup, put all the stuff on it I like (scripts, little tunings, tools,...) and I keep it online so the VM can do its updates.
The advantages are:
- I can Sysprep as much as I like  (like cj_berlin already mentioned)
- update is much easier to do than witch the CLI dism.exe

When needed I copy the VHDX and connect it to a new VM. And I ran some scripts to:
- Sysprep the OS  (Be sure to test that every modification in the Master Build is maintained after the Sysprep.)
- Set the correct IP settings
- Rename it and join it to the domain
- install antivirus
- activate on KMS server

Pieter Demeulemeester
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